Do I need to wash my underpants due to madhi?

Answered QuestionsCategory: GeneralDo I need to wash my underpants due to madhi?
bilal arif asked 2 years ago
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DarulIfta_Scotland_456 Staff answered 2 years ago

 am 30 yrs old and newly married person and I live bachelor in Gulf. I have a problem that is throughout the day whenever i use to talk my wife on phone mazi comes out on to my underwear. Sometime I feel little wetness around 3-4 drops during call. Because of this it is very hard to read quran and namaz as I can never trust in my purity. I have read that Mazi breaks Wudhu only and Mani breaks Ghusl But I want to know the followings:
1. Assume I Spoke my wife half an hour before salah and I got some drops of Mazi in my underpants and my underpants still little wet so can I just make Wadu and go for Salah in that situation?
2. In the same situation if I squeeze that wet area of underpants with my wet fingers then can i offer salah with that washed wet underpants or we have to wait till the underpants dry which i just squeezed?
3. If Mazi came out during talk and got dry in my pant and after 2-3 hrs im going for salah then can I just make wadu for salah or I have to wash that dry Mazi area in my unerpant and my private part before Salah?
4. In the same upper situation is it necesary to wash the private part also with underpant for offering Salah.
5. If my outerpant also got little wet becoz of thin underpant with Mazi drops. Does it mean my outer pants are impure and I can’t offer salah in that pant or after got dry its pure.