Conflicts within the family can arise for many reasons. Such as, communication gaps, misunderstanding of spouse’s role, third party interference, extra marital relationship, excessive anger, domestic violence, customs & traditions, religious ignorance Whatever the issues, mediation is a quick, pain-free and cost-effective way of resolving matters.

We at Darul ifta Scotland will first ask you to provide a full explaination of the sitatuation in detail before the first meeting our team will then look in to the matter and then arrange a meeting conveniant for you.

after this the situation will be discussed and will be layed out with options and guidelines.

Our service is unique, as we appreciate that our clients require religious  understanding. This is facilitated by Mufties who understand the problems facing of our scottish community.

  • A confidential setting
  • An unbiased and independent mediator
  • A non-judgemental approach
  • Religious and cultural sensitivity
  • Islamic counselling

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