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About Our Institution

Darul Ifta Scotland was established by many prominent scholars to serve a religious need in the scottish community.

We provide an Islamic mediation service to help resolve family disputes related to Nikah (Islamic marriage), Talaq (Islamic divorce), Khula (mutually agreed Islamic divorce), Faskh (dissolution of Islamic marriage) etc.

The Institutes panel of Islamic scholars, some of whom have approaching 30 years’ experience in serving the Muslim community and includes those who have formally trained in Fatwa, Qadha and English law, bring their collective learning, expertise and experience to help deal with the often difficult and complex issues involved in marital breakdown. Please see Our Scholar

We also have a fully referenced Fatwa and Article sections. For more information on the Institutes free online Fatwa service and to ask a question click here.

We will also work with other organisations including womens groups to try and help deal with broken, forced or abusive marriages. Free guidance and advice is provided on the issue of forced marriages by us. A detailed and fully referenced resource article for information and educational purposes is also available clarifiying that the practice of forcing women to marry against their wishes, is contrary to Islamic teachings.

We are seen to be progressive and outward-facing Muslim organisation which promotes fundamental British values such as mutual respect and tolerance towards all faiths and none. The Institutes work also extends to interfaith relations based in the UK as well as abroad to promote harmony and understanding between different faiths. The patron of the Institute is a member of the Government of Punjab Interfaith Harmony Committee. The Institue seeks to offer its services to the Muslim and wider communities without prejudice or discrimination irrespective of creed, colour, gender, race etc. and is determined to contribute to the greater good in the local, national and global community.

  • Easy Process
  • Certified by Prominet Mufties
  • Confedintialty
  • Free Advice

Why Choose Our Institution

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Accredited DarulUloom Karachi

Under the mentorship of Mufti Azam Rafi Usmani Sahib along side his brother Mufti Taqi Usmaani Sahib

Accredited by Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore

Under the Mentorship of Hazrat Mufti Fazal Raheem Sahib

Dedicated Mufties on board

We have many Mufties on our board who have graduated from DarulUloom Karachi as well as Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore.